About JH Photo

The company was established in 1987 (incorporated in 1992) by photographer Josef Hanus. Since 1990, the company has annually published between seven and ten Canadian themed wall calendar titles and between three and five custom company calendars for our customers. Our largest customers are real estate agents however hundreds of other businesses also use our basic imprinted calendars. Since of the success of our first book Greater Vancouver published in 1995, Josef Hanus and his family have published another twelve Canadian themed books. All of these books quickly rose in popularity and have become bestsellers in their category, particularly Toronto, Canada, Vancouver and British Columbia.

Where can you buy our books and calendars?

JH Fine Art Photo calendars and books can be bought in all INDIGO, CHAPTERS, COLES, Smith Books, The Book Company, the World's Largest Book Store on Edward Street in Toronto and in bookstores of Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods and PriceSmart Foods, as well as in hundreds of smaller book stores and gift shops across Canada. You can also make purchases directly from us.

Book Book
Book Book
Book Book


To calculate the price for use of our photographs, we need to know the purpose of its use (printing, internet, decoration etc.) and the length of time of use. Please call or e-mail us to request a quote. You will find our prices comparable to other photographer’s offers. We are open to negotiation to match your project’s target price.

Payments-VISA or Cheque

Payments for calendars, books or photography can be made by VISA or by cheque. VISA information can be sent by Fax: Canada 604-540-0892 or by Phone: Canada 604-517-4466 or sending a cheque to: JH Fine Art Photo.


All of JH Photo’s printed products exclusively feature photos shot by Josef Hanus and Josef M. Hanus. All pictures in this website and all pictures in JH Photo books and calendars are copyright © J. Hanus and cannot be reproduced or used in any way without written permission and agreed payment.

Design and logos

All of JH Photo’s products – calendars, books, posters, customized calendars and other printed matter – are decoratively marked by the Red Heart with a Maple leaf. The idea was designed for the company’s printed products by Josef Hanus. The final 3D outfit of both our logos and the new look of all calendars and books were created by Jan Hanus jr.