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2017 Imprinted Advertising Calendars

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Our new, 2017 calendars are online now. Now is the best time to oder your 2017 calendars for the lowest prices of the year! Contact us at calendars@jhphoto.ca for ordering information.

Follow the Wall Calendars link to see all cover and interior photos from our 2017 calendar selection.

Remember: imprinted advertising calendars from JH Fine Art Photo are the best way to keep Your Name before your clients eyes all year! If you aren't advertising, you can be sure your competitors are. Place your order today!


27th Anniversary of JH Photo's Calendars


This year is our 27th season printing and supplying calendars with our customer's names to almost a thousand customers from Real Estate and other businesses. During these 27 years we have built a good reputation with our high quality pictures, printing and services. Clients of our customers are waiting every autumn for our new calendar and this is our the best recommendation. We have countless repeat customers who have good reason to order our calendars again and again.

Our calendars are customizable to meet our client’s needs. Each year, all of our calendars feature new, up-to-date photographs. We take pride in being the only publisher in Canada capable of accomplishing this feat.

We are proud to inform our clients that during our 27 years we have had no interruption of business, during which time we have outlasted many of our competitors.


Books and 2017 retail calendar sales

Along with the three brand-new titles mentioned above, also keep an eye out for our Vancouver Island book titles, Vancouver Island and Victoria & Vancouver Island, as well as our “Sea to Sky” – the common name for the Vancouver to Whistler connector – book, Whistler • Garibaldi • Sea to Sky. This area of breathtakingly rugged natural beauty begins in North Vancouver, at sea level, and rises to the base of Whistler Mountain, North America's most popular alpine resort destination, and host to the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. This book is the perfect keepsake for visitors, as well as local residents. No other photographic book covers this amazing area in greater depth and detail!

2017 calendars will be available in stores across Canada beginning summer 2016.

All of our books and calendars can be purchased through Canada's largest book stores – Indigo, Chapters, Coles, The Book Company and the World's Largest Book Store on Edward Street in Toronto. You can also find our books and calendars in hundreds of smaller gift shops and bookstores across Canada. Purchases can also be made online at Amazon.com.

In British Columbia and Alberta, our titles are also available through the bookstores of Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Price Smart Foods and Cooper's Foods, as well as the gift shops on board BC Ferries vessels. To order directly from us, please contact us by email.


Three NEW book titles available

We are pleased to announce the release of three brand-new photographic books! Just in time for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, our Aerial Vancouver book is hitting stores across Canada and online. Featuring 145 panoramic pages with aerial photos of the Metro Vancouver area, spanning Downtown Vancouver in the west to Langley in the east. Unrivaled in its scope, come explore Vancouver from a new and unique perspective!

Our Canada in Pictures book is an exclusive, panoramic 129-page journey across Canada featuring some of our best photos. Our first multi-lingual publication, the book is captioned in English, French, German and Czech. It is also available with a German cover, Kanada in den Fotos, and a Czech cover, Kanada ve fotorafii, with unique ISBNs.

Our third new book is the completely redone Okanagan and Thompson Nicola. Not just an updated edition, the book is a completely reworked tribute to this amazing part of British Columbia. Expanded to 96 pages, the book is full of brand-new photos from the entire region, particularly the expanding cities of Kelowna and Kamloops.

With these titles our Canadian photographic souvenir books number seventeen! They are available at bookstores and gift shops across Canada as well as online.


Our Aerial Photography galleries are now online.


View a sample of our aerial photos of Metro Vancouver, as well as Greater Victoria, Southern Gulf Islands and southern Vancouver Island. All photos are available for use as stock images. Special assignment photographic flights are also available. Please contact us for more information. Click the links below to view the galleries, and be sure to visit often for updates and new photos!

Gallery 1 - Vancouver

Gallery 2 - Richmond, New Westminster, Tri-Cities 

Gallery 3 - Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey 

Gallery 4 - Victoria and Vancouver Island

Photography Galleries

Gallery 1 - Maderia, Portugal 

Gallery 2 - Prague, Czech Republic   UPDATED



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Incident of Fraud concerning our Canadian photographs

Our company, Vancouver based JH Fine Art Photo Ltd. suffered a fraud revolving around our Canadian scenic photographs in the Czech Republic. Through coincidence we found our graphic designer at the time was stealing our photographs for his other clients.
As we are still exploring legal options, no names have been used. Our intent is to warn Czech companies who may be dealing with persons attempting to sell Canadian themed photographs.

Background of incident:

We hired the professional services of our friend’s company in Prague to scan photos for our Canadian book and calendar publications, which we have been publishing for 25 years.  We chose this company based on our long relationship and with the intention of helping the fledgling business. We also hired our friend’s son, a graphic designer, to work on our publications. Both men were well paid for the work they did for us. Unfortunately these scans were of poor quality. As we would later learn our friend and his son had other priorities.

As the situation was developing, in 2007 our friend’s graphic designer son immigrated to the US, settling in the Washington, DC area and joining an Arlington, Virginia based graphic design studio. He worked on several more projects for us after his relocation before the full scale of the fraud became clear. During this time he had access to our scanned and digital photographs.

While on a visit to Prague we discovered a local company, a subsidiary of a Canadian business, using one of our calendars as their own. This was a custom calendar made form our print file and graphically modified to feature the company’s name and contact information. This lead to the discovery of a second company with calendars composed entirely of our photographs.
We discussed this situation with these companies, and they willingly supplied us with information on how long they had been conducting business with our friend and his son. Over a period of 8 years some 16 calendars had been produced, with payments to the Czech company using our photographs of CZK 280,000 (approx. CAD $ 15,000).
All of this had been done completely unbeknownst to us, with absolutely no compensation going to us for the use of our copyrighted photographs. Further, these illegally published calendars gave no credit to us as the photographer of the images, causing us additional financial losses and lost advertising potential.

When we confronted our friend’s company in Prague he refused to discuss the matter or compensate us for the illegal use of our photographs. He adopted a standoffish and ignoring attitude to the situation.

Another major problem for us stems form our not knowing to whom else this Czech company illegally sold our photographs. We have lost Exclusive Rights to our own images, and therefore are ourselves unable to offer our photos for sale under an exclusivity contract.

Both our friend and his son also took the liberty of using our photographs on their personal websites, along with outright lies about ownership of these images and the magnitude of their connection to Canada and our business. We were able to electronically save the content of their websites.
After repeated requests they both removed the majority of these images and text from their websites, though are friend continues to claim he took wildlife photography in Canada for our company. This is not true, we do not have wildlife photography nor do we use any. Many years ago we invited our friend to Canada for a personal trip at our expense, primarily for fishing and vacation. He was never issued work permits in Canada nor ever undertook any work for us in Canada.

JH Fine Art Photo Ltd is and always has been comprised of Josef Hanus, Josef M. Hanus and Hana Hanus. All of our publications and photography have been solely and wholly funded and produced by us. We have no outside partnerships or cooperatives.

Josef Hanus

Czech translation/Cesky preklad:


Zpronevěra fotografií - Upozornění Českým podnikům s Kanadskou orientací

Kanadská firma JH Fine Art Photo Ltd. (naše firma) byla seznámena se skutečností rozsáhlé Zpronevěry našich fotografií Kanadské přírody a to v České Republice. Máme novou zkušenost - s grafikem, který krade klientům fotografie.

Historie případu Zpronevěry:
Použili jsme placenou službu našeho známého z Prahy, po dlouhá desetiletí nejlepšího přítele, aby provedl skenování našich fotografií pro účely vytvoření tiskové předlohy pro naše kalendáře a knihy, které v Kanadě vydáváme od roku 1990. Tuto práci jsem dotyčnému zadal ve snaze pomoci, protože on firmu vedl od krachu ke krachu. Dále jsme synovi dotyčného přítele (grafikovi) zadali grafickou přípravu několika našich ročníků kalendářů a knih, a svěřili jsme mu další, tentokrát již naše digitalni fotografie (od roku 2004). Oba pánové dostali vysoký honorář a odvedli mizernou práci, ale zato si pečlivě uložili naše fotografie a začali je neoprávněně prodávat v Praze podnikům s Kanadským zaměřením, a snad i v US, kam podnikatelův syn emigroval.
Byl jsem šokován zjištěním, že grafik volně prodává a používá fotografie svěřené mu klientem.
Náhodně jsme zjistili, že jedna společnost vydala náš kalendář jako kompletní dílo se svým jménem, a druhý podnik vydával dva kalendáře ročně, složené z našich fotografií, a to po dobu osmi let. Tento podnik nám ochotně poslal výpis honorářů, vyplacených dotyčnému podnikateli, bylo to 280 000 Korun. Z této částky jsme nedostali ani korunu a o této gigantické Zpronevěře a existenci podniku jsme neměli tušení. Podnikatelův syn nám loni ve snaze 'urovnat bez peněz' tento finanční spor, nabídl "přátelství", přiznal v dopise jejich Zpronevěru, a nabídl mě na oplátku "pohoštění" až ho navštívím ve Washingtonu. Ironí je, že tento náš známý žil v našem domě v Kanadě jako rodiný přítel s "All Inclusive" rok a půl, kdy jsme mu vyřídili emigraci do Kanady, což nebylo vzhledem k jeho minulosti jednoduché.

Další problém z této zpronevěry vyvstal později. Nemůžeme se žádným zákazníkem podepsat smlouvu o exclusivním prodeji našich fotografií, protože nevime, komu a kde grafik prodal naše fotografie.

Podáváme na oba dotyčné podnikatele Trestní Oznámení pro Zpronevěru a Zničení Exclusivity, a žádáme další podniky, kterým oba rovněž prodali neoprávněně naše fotografie, o informaci.

Oba pánové měli na svých Webových stránkách po několik let umístěny naše fotografie, pod nimiž měli lživě uvedeno jejich Copyright, a různé dalsi lži o vazbě k našemu podniku. Jejich stránky máme elektronicky zaznamenané. Po našem opakovaném naléhání pánové po dvou letech odstranili většinu jejich nepravdivých informací. Ale na stránce staršího podnikatele je neustále (take dnes 25.Srpna 2013) uvedena lež, že pro náš podnik fotografoval v Kanadě "wildlife", což není pravda, protože dotyčný podnikatel nesáhl v Kanadě na náš fotoaparát a svůj žádný neměl a naším partnerem se v jakekoliv formě nikdy nestal. V té době ještě nefotografoval, protože měl jiné zájmy a do Kanady jezdil na ryby. Naše společnost žádné fotografie "Wildlife" nemá a nikdy nepoužila.

Naše rodinná společnost hradila veškeré cestovní náklady spojené s fotografováním Kanady výhradně z vlastních peněz, nákup a provoz aut, nákup kamer a filmů a veškere náklady spojené s tiskem knih a kalendářů, jejich dopravu a skladování. Naše společnost nikdy a s nikým neuzavřela jakoukoliv smlouvu o společenství anebo spolupráci a nemáme tedy žádného partnera ani spoluautora. Naše rodinná společnost je můj syn Josef, moje žena  a já.

Josef Hanus